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Thuraya Telecommunications Launches Latest Version of SatSleeve

By Katie Kriz | January 16, 2014
Thuraya SatSleeve on a Samsung Galaxy phone. Photo: Thuraya

Thuraya SatSleeve on a Samsung Galaxy phone. Photo: Thuraya

[Via Satellite 01-16-2014] Thuraya Telecommunications has launched the latest version of Thuraya SatSleeve for Android-based smartphones. This new product, compatible with Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4, allows users to turn their personal phone into a satellite phone to send SMS messages, make phone calls and access apps through Thuraya’s satellite network.

“This latest release of the SatSleeve illustrates Thuraya’s focus on market needs by addressing the installed base of Android devices and enables us to provide easy access to satellite services for out Android customers,” said Randy Roberts, vice president of innovation at Thuraya.

The SatSleeve provides uninterrupted coverage in remote environments that are not reached by terrestrial GSM networks. The device also serves as a security backup, and functions with either a Thuraya SIM cars or a standard GSM SIM card. SatSleeve users include many industry corporations, government personnel, mountaineers, and explorers.