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Comtech Systems Receives $2.4 M Contract for New Troposcatter Communications System

By Caleb Henry | November 27, 2013

[Via Satellite 11-27-13] Comtech Systems, a subsidiary of Comtech Telecommunications, recently received a $2.4 million contract to install a digital over-the-horizon microwave communications system. The system will be used on a deep-water tension-leg oil platform for a major international oil company.

Comtech Systems first developed the design of this system for a semi-submersible platform in 2008, which was deployed this summer in the South China Sea. These systems are unique for troposcatter communications because they require a stabilized antenna system on the offshore floating platform that must be able to keep locked to a fixed antenna at a shore location. This must hold in a variety of sea states while maintaining the high quality of service for communications to the land-based communications center.

The system will have a data rate of up to 20 Mbps, and will be used to carry both digital voice and data traffic. Comtech Systems will be supplying its adaptive digital modem, troposcatter radio system and high-power amplifiers, as well as antennas.