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Orbcomm Strengthens Cellular Footprint Through Agreement with Telefonica

By Caleb Henry | November 26, 2013
Orbcomm M2M Cellular

Satellite stations, antennas. Photo: Telefonica

[Via Satellite 11-26-13] Orbcomm has secured a deal with Telefonica Digital to offer Telefonica’s GSM cellular communications service for Orbcomm’s M2M applications across multiple vertical markets around the world. A primary focus of this agreement for Orbcomm is expanding the company’s connectivity for its end-to-end cellular and dual-mode solutions targeted in the transportation and logistics and heavy equipment industries. Orbcomm plans to do this by leveraging Telefonica’s operations in 24 countries and roaming agreements covering more than 150 countries.

Orbcomm will also provide a secure and scalable online platform to simplify satellite, cellular and dual-mode device management, including provisioning and messaging capabilities. With 24/7/365 access to near-real-time data, Orbcomm’s customers can use this platform to increase visibility over their network, improve customer service and promote device reliability and longevity.