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Media Networks Launches Wholesale Ka-Band Internet Service for Homes

By Veronica Magan | October 17, 2013

[Via Satellite 10-17-13] Media Networks’ new satellite Internet service for homes is now fully operational and ready for commercialization. The announcement was made after the successful conclusion of the connectivity testing of the nine carriers for the nine satellite Internet beams in Ka-Band (ISAT-KA). The testing was conducted from the Lurin, Perú NOC and the ISAT-KA new hubs in Laredo, U.S. and Arica, Chile.

“The satellite Internet wholesale service for homes is a reality in Latin America and we are pleased to be the pioneers of this technology in the region,” said Werner Schuler, CEO of Media Networks, who highlighted ISAT-KA’s potential to complement coverage offered by fixed networks, and its importance toward universalizing access to broadband in Latin America.

Different operators in each country of Latin America will market the ISAT-KA service. This first phase covers nine beams of 125,000 square km each in territories of Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru.

The development of the first phase of the project included the construction of two new hubs of ISAT-KA in Arica, Chile and Laredo, U.S. These hubs will be complemented in the future by two additional teleports that will continue to expand service coverage.

“We are already the largest wholesalers of Ku-band satellite Internet targeting the corporate segment, and now we opened the first Ka-band wholesale service in Latin America, which is ideal to meet the demand of households in rural areas,” said Schuler, who estimated that at this early stage the service will serve hundreds of thousands of homes.