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Firefly Space Systems Issues Payload User’s Guide, Gains New Investment

By Caleb Henry | July 17, 2015
      Firefly Alpha

      Artist’s rendition of Firefly Alpha. Photo: Firefly Space Systems

      [Via Satellite 07-17-2015] Firefly Space Systems, has released its Payload User’s Guide for the Alpha vehicle, the company’s first small satellite rocket in a scalable family of launch vehicles currently under development. The Payload User’s Guide provides Firefly’s customers with information detailing the operations and capabilities of its Alpha vehicle. The document’s purpose is to enable customers to prepare more effectively and efficiently for their small satellite missions. Firefly Alpha is designed to lift approximately 400 kilograms to Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for $8 million. Its first flight is slated for 2017.

      Firefly also reported the participation of Capital Factory, an Austin, Texas based accelerator, in the launch startup’s most recent investment round. Capital Factory said in a statement that its investment “doesn’t move the needle” compared to the total amount Firefly has already raised.