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Ukraine Ready to Continue Cyclone 4 Launch Program with Brazil

By | May 8, 2015
      Alcantara Cyclone Space

      Alcantara Cyclone Space board of directors and general assembly discuss the Cyclone 4 program. Photo: Alcantara Cyclone Space

      [Via Satellite 05-08-2015] Ukraine has expressed its intention to continue with the Cyclone 4 launch vehicle program. Oleh Uruskyi, president of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, confirmed this during an April meeting with Alcantara Cyclone Space’s general assembly, and requested that Brazil inform Ukraine about its official position regarding continuation of the Cyclone 4 project.

      Delayed from its scheduled inaugural launch in 2014, the Cyclone 4 rocket has been jeopardized by a number of factors including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2014.

      According to a May 6 press release, Alcantara Cyclone Space’s board of directors has requested discussion with the general assembly to make a decision regarding the bi-national project. The meetings also resulted in the approval of the company’s annual report on activities and financial statements for 2014, opinions of the independent and internal audits of the company, and the amount of remuneration for management out to March 2016.