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Alcantara Cyclone Space Receives Launch Site Documentation

By Caleb Henry | April 8, 2015
      Alcantara Cyclone Space

      Launch center facilities for Alcantara Cyclone Space. Photo: Alcantara Cyclone Space

      [Via Satellite 04-08-2015] The joint Ukrainian-Brazilian launch company Alcantara Cyclone Space (ACS) today received a whole set of Working Design Documentation for the Cyclone 4 launch site ground support equipment. According to the company, the delivery was needed to prepare for installation and testing activities at the Alcantara Launch Center.

      Ukraine’s state-run Yuzhmash is the manufacturer for the long-delayed Cyclone 4 rocket. The company has struggled recently due to the geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as well as a decline in revenues due to the stalling out of demand from Sea Launch for Zenit rockets and Orbital ATK for Antares rockets. The Cyclone 4 is planed to have a payload capability of 1,600 kilograms to Geostationary Transfer Orbit (GTO) or more than 5,000 to Low Earth Orbit (LEO).