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Lockheed Martin Completes Astrotech Space Operations Acquisition

By Caleb Henry | August 25, 2014
      Astrotech Kepler Lockheed

      Astrotech engineers assisting with the launch of the Kepler Telesoppe. Photo: Astrotech Space Operations

      [Via Satellite 08-25-2014] Lockheed Martin has finalized the purchase of Astrotech Corporation’s Space Operations business, first announced in May 2014. Now complete, Astrotech Space Operations is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, and will report to the company’s Space Systems business area.

      Astrotech Space Operations has assisted more than 300 launches, providing final testing and fueling, satellite encapsulation and handling launch day procedures. The company supports both U.S. and international launches and has sites in Titusville, Fla. and Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.