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Xcor and ULA Complete First Hot Fire Test of XR 5H25 Engine

By | November 20, 2013
      hot fire test

      Xcor XR 5H25 engine hot fire test at Mojave Air & Space Port. Photo: PRNewsFoto, Xcor and Mike Massee

      [Via Satellite 11-20-13] Xcor Aerospace and United Launch Alliance (ULA) have completed the first successful hot fire of the subscale 2500 lbf thrust XR 5H25 engine in the Xcorand ULA liquid hydrogen (LH2) engine development program. The 5H25 engine is intended as a test bed, but could also be suitable for future in-space use on upper stages, Earth departure stages, landers, and probes.

      Conceived as a lower-cost, risk-managed approach, the goal of the LH2 engine program is to produce and operate a subscale demonstration engine. This demonstrator will enable a future decision to pursue development of a flight-ready cryogenic upper-stage engine in the 25,000 lbf thrust class. The technology has significant growth potential due to its unique thermodynamic cycle and piston pump. The larger thrust Xcor XR 8H21 LH2 engine is expected to cost significantly less to produce and be much easier to operate than competing upper stage rocket engine technologies.

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