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Eutelsat, Globecast Launch a New Media Platform Over the Americas

By | March 8, 2018
Globecast's Network Operations Center (NOC). Photo: Globecast.

Globecast’s Network Operations Center (NOC). Photo: Globecast.

Eutelsat Communications and Globecast have announced they are partnering on a new media platform over the Americas. The new platform will allow broadcasters across the Americas to gain access to Globecast’s media management solution designed for both linear television distribution and new media technologies, including streaming, local ad insertion, Internet of Things (IOT) services, High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) and regionalization services.

To deploy this capability, Eutelsat is integrating its Eutelsat 117 West A satellite, which serves the Americas from Alaska to Argentina, with Globacast’s Culver City, California teleport.

According to the companies, one of the platform’s features is its ability to provide fleet protection and redundancy via the Eutelsat 113 West A satellite. Located just four degrees away with the same transponder plan and polarization, and combined with Eutelsat’s dual-feed cable TV upgrade program for cable operators throughout the Americas, this two-satellite solution will offer enhanced protection and restoration capabilities for programmers, Eutelsat stated.

“Our goal with Globecast is to build a new media distribution ecosystem that combines exceptional market coverage with advanced live linear TV services in SD, HD and Ultra-HD formats, IP streaming and file-based television distribution capabilities to meet both today’s needs and anticipate tomorrow’s opportunities,” said Eutelsat Americas Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mike Antonovich.

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