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NovelSat, Ateme Partner to Offer Video Solutions for Satellite Broadcasters

By Veronica Magan | September 8, 2016

      [Via Satellite 09-08-2016] NovelSat and Ateme have announced an agreement to pair the Ateme Kyrion high-quality broadcast video encoder with the NovelSat NS1000 satellite modulator. This technology partnership ensures that satellite broadcasting customers deliver the highest quality live and recorded video.

      The NovelSat NS1000 satellite modulator is designed for high demand satellite transmission. While supporting all satellite transmission standards, including Digital Video Broadcasting – Satellite (DVB-S), DBV-S second generation (DBV-S2) and DVB-S2 extension (DVB-S2X), it also offers the NovelSat NS4 waveform, which delivers up to 45 percent higher spectral efficiency compared with DVB-S2, according to the company.

      Based on the Ateme fifth generation STREAM compression engine, the Kyrion encoder provides the best baseband video quality at minimum bitrates. This solution has been designed for contribution over satellite and IP networks, with added value features such as ultra-fast-boot, ultra-low latency, and Average Bitrate (ABR) output. The Ateme Kyrion offers a software upgradable High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) encoding option to support Ultra-HD video streaming as well as legacy MPEG2 to H264 compressions.