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AsiaSat and Digital Magic Co-Producing 4K Mini-Series on Satellite Communications

By | July 29, 2016
      AsiaSat UHD Digital Magic

      AsiaSat co-produces an UHD mini series with Digital Magic on satellite communications. Photo: AsiaSat

      [Via Satellite 07-29-2016] AsiaSat is collaborating with Digital Magic to co-produce Ultra-HD content for AsiaSat’s Ultra-HD channel 4K-SAT, on AsiaSat 4 at 122 degrees east. The co-production includes a knowledge-based Ultra-HD mini-series on satellite communications to provide an easy-to-understand introduction to topics such as how a satellite works, how it serves people and how it is used in broadcasting high quality content.

      “Initial content viewing among youth has suggested that this is a meaningful attempt to broaden public interest and knowledge in space and communications,” said Percy Fung, production director of Digital Magic.

      AsiaSat’s 4K-SAT channel is currently broadcasting a variety of full Ultra-HD content to which several TV operators in the Asia-Pacific have access via AsiaSat 4.