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Sky Adopts MaxLinear Products for Next-Generation Set-Top Box

By Veronica Magan | January 6, 2016
      The Sky Q set-top-box.

      The Sky Q set-top-box. Photo: Sky

      [Via Satellite 01-06-2016] MaxLinear is shipping its MxL5x2 Full-Spectrum Capture satellite front-end receiver in Sky’s new Sky Q set-top box.

      Sky Q is a family of advanced, wirelessly connected products aiming to create a new ecosystem that makes it easier for customers to access all their favorite TV content. It will allow customers to watch on up to five screens simultaneously, while recording four other channels, pause on one screen and carry on viewing on another, watch shows from their box, whether live, recorded or on demand, anywhere around the home, and take their recordings with them on their tablet.

      Sky Q’s multichannel reception features are powered by MaxLinear’s MxL5x2 Full-Spectrum Capture satellite receiver ICs, which digitize the complete broadcast satellite band (4.1GHz) and perform the digital tuning and demodulation of up to 12 satellite channels in a very low power, ultra small form-factor. The MxL5x2 ICs also provide exceptional rejection of Wi-Fi, LTE and terrestrial interference signals, ensuring that the set-top boxes have excellent HD and Ultra-HD reception performance, even in adverse environments.

      The Sky Q platform is also using MaxLinear’s EN5520 digital channel stacking IC for Multi-Dwelling Units (MDUs), which enables Sky to offer the same Sky Q experience to subscribers in multi-dwelling apartments and commercial buildings.