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Avanti Signs Digital Cinema Distribution Deal with Motion Picture Solutions

By | September 18, 2015
      Avanti MPS Cinema

      Graphic of the cinema distribution network powered by Avanti’s Hylas 1 and 2 satellites and delivered via MPS’s LANsat. Photo: Avanti

      [Via Satellite 09-18-2015] Avanti and Motion Picture Solutions (MPS), a London-based international film services company, have signed a multi-year cinema distribution contract. Using Avanti’s Hylas 1 and 2 satellites and delivered through MPS’ LANsat technology, the partnership expands MPS’ bandwidth available for multicast feature film distribution to its cinema-chain customer base.

      According to Avanti, many cinemas currently rely on either physical transportation of movie files by courier or, where available, transmission over terrestrial connectivity. Through this partnership, the company has integrated its satellite technology with MPS’s LANsat receiver service to ensure quality, reliability and security of files. MPS has started the deployment to U.K. cinemas in its growing network this month, before rollout to other locations in Europe.