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Hispasat Conducting 4K Broadcasts with High Dynamic Range in Europe

By | September 10, 2015
      Hispasat 1e

      Artist’s rendition of Hispasat 1e. Photo: Hispasat

      [Via Satellite 09-10-2015] Hispasat has launched a new permanent service, offering 4K TV transmissions using High Dynamic Range (HDR) format. The service is now available through the European beams of Hispasat 1E, and launched in collaboration with Cellnex Telecom, Dolby, RTVE and Thomson Video Networks.

      The goal of this new technology is to reproduce a wider luminance range, creating more intensity levels between lighter and darker areas of an image as a way to retain more information and offer a greater degree of detail. HDR seeks to provide more brightness, greater contrast and more color, in order to achieve a more realistic image.