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Telefonica Launches New Video Service Through Ka-Band Satellite Internet

By Staff Writer | July 27, 2015
      Telefónica's headquarters in Madrid.

      Telefónica’s headquarters in Madrid. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

      [Via Satellite 07-27-2015] Telefonica Business Solutions, through its wholesale business unit, has launched a new Internet service for satellite video transmission in Ka-band through Media Networks’ platform (a part of Telefonica). This service was used during Mexico’s federal elections last June and in the FIFA Copa America 2015 held recently in Chile. In both cases, the transmission is performed through the use of five dedicated channels of 2 Mbps each.

      This solution, designed for television and broadcasting industry, has enormous potential to meet the needs of the media, because it provides live broadcasts from anywhere within the areas of coverage. This makes it an ideal solution for breaking news coverage, sports and other events. The service provides maximum capacities of 18 Mbps downstream and 3 Mbps upstream.