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IDC Receives US Government Contract for Broadcast Network Equipment

By Caleb Henry | September 26, 2014
      IDC Receiver Superflex

      Superflex Pro Data Receiver. Photo: IDC

      [Via Satellite 09-26-2014] International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) has received a new order from the United States government for assistance expanding its global satellite broadcast network. The company will provide products such as the SuperFlex Pro Data Receiver and the IP Encapsulator 4000 (IPE-4000).

      The receivers provided by IDC will be used to distribute encrypted data files and live streams to locations around the world. According to IDC, the equipment provided will support mission-critical communications.

      “The high performance and integrated security of the SuperFlex Pro Data receiver is an ideal fit for this application,” said Doug Lowther, president and CEO of IDC.