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IDC Delivers Additional Satellite Receiver Equipment to CineColorSat

By | September 11, 2014
      IDC Cinema

      SuperFlex Pro Cinema Cache Server. Photo: IDC

      [Via Satellite 09-11-2014] International Datacasting Corporation (IDC) has shipped a new deployment of the SuperFlex Pro Cinema Cache Servers and the SuperFlex Pro Cinema Event Players to Chile-based CineColorSat. The SuperFlex Pro Cinema Cache Server enables the satellite delivery of movies, while the SuperFlex Pro Cinema Event Player supports the broadcast of live events.

      CinecolorSat has received shipments from IDC to expand its presence in Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Mexico. The latest purchases follow orders in 2013 and 2012 for digital cinema distribution products.

      “The support received from IDC has allowed CinecolorSat to continue the rapid expansion of its digital cinema distribution network and build on the success of the 64 games of the FIFA World Cup games carried live in theatres in Central and South America, plus the growing demand for digital cinema distribution supported by major studios and independent distributors,” said Juan Carlos Arriagada, general manager of CinecolorSat, a business division of Grupo Chilefilms Holding.