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Seeafrika Selects RGB TransAct Encoder for OTT Services in Europe

By | April 11, 2014
      RGB TransAct Family

      RGB TransAct Family: Encoder/Transcoder, Packager and Commander solutions. Photo: RGB

      [Via Satellite 04-11-2014] Seeafrika plans to deploy RGB’s TransAct Encoder/Transcoder along with RGB’s TransAct Packager in the delivery of its Over-the-Top (OTT) video services in Europe. Seeafrika intends to deliver 30 broadcast channels to subscribers in the first stages of deployment.

      Currently, Seeafrika viewers access the service primarily over Android and iOS-based devices. With RGB’s TransACT, Seeafrika will be able to deliver video to any IP-enabled device.

      “In Europe the current offering of African TV channels available to view, whether via satellite or IPTV, is limited to roughly 100,000 viewers — yet there is an estimated population of four million people on the continent who will be interested in accessing specific, local African content from their homes on the continent. We needed an intelligent and flexible solution to make our vision a reality, and RGB’s package does just that,” said Issa salifou dit Saley, president of Seeafrika.

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