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Advantech Wireless Signs $1 Million Contract for New DTH Solution

By | August 9, 2013
      Ku-Band Hub-mount 2500W SSPA/SSPB/BUC UltraLinear Sapphire series GaN Technology.
      Image credit: Advantech Wireless

      [Satellite TODAY 08-09-13] Advantech Wireless, a global designer and manufacturer of satellite, radio frequency equipment and microwave systems, has received new orders in excess of $1 million to supply 600W and 1.2kW Ku-band SapphireBlu Series of UltraLinear GaN based High Power Amplifiers (HPA) for Direct-to-Home (DTH) projects from a major customer in Asia.

      From one antenna, one HPA is able to simultaneously transmit to all transponders of a specific satellite, regular or extended bands with high efficiency and low intermod distortions. These new systems are DVB S2 enabled and can save 8 to 15 dB of power compared to indoor Klystrons or linearized traveling wave tubes.

      “These new modular architecture replaces expensive redundancy schemes; there is no need for expensive shelters. Our customers realize great savings in energy cost, CAPEX and OPEX,” stated Cristi Damian, vice president business development at Advantech Wireless.

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