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Nevion Looks to New IP Technology to Realize Broadcast Sector Potential in 2011

By | April 19, 2011

      Video transport solutions provider Nevion is on track to produce double-digit revenue growth in 2011, driven by an expanding interest in its portfolio of video-over-IP products. Nevion CEO Oddbjørn Bergem told Via Satellite that this expansion also would be seen in its presence with satellite customers.
          With pay-TV operators and broadcasters looking at multi-faceted content offerings, the challenges for a provider such as Nevion become ever more complex, and Bergem believes broadcasters have become “more professional” in their purchasing activities. “A few years ago, decisions were, to a large extent, driven by engineering demands,” he said. “Today, I see much more of a professional attitude on behalf of the purchaser. They have a much stronger say. It is more focused on making the right investment rather than having the best technical solution, and I think it is very important to make sure we present them with a solution that is technically less complex than it used to be. Rather than looking at advanced technical solutions, they are looking at things that are easier to understand, easier to use and require less training. They are more focused on lifetime costs, whereas before most of the focus was on the initial capital investment.”
          To meet the needs of a smarter broadcast customer base, Nevion recently announced that it was changing the structure of its company to accelerate its development schedule and enhance its global presence. Nevion will split its sales department into two separate divisions. A Media Networks division will cater to service providers and government entities, providing carrier-class video transport and management through its Ventura platform. A Broadcast Technology unit deliver integrated, broad-based video transport, routing and processing solutions to broadcasters through Nevion’s Flashlink and VikinX product lines.
          Nevion’s Video Services Management unit will be integrated across both divisions, Bergem said. “We have products launching this year, including an integrated management software management platform, that we expect to significantly impact the industry. With our knowledge and history in both the telecom and broadcaster markets, we’re uniquely positioned to provide the most efficient and controlled video networks.”
          Bergem said the move was driven by Nevion’s revenue expectations. “Our expectation in 2011 is to have double-digit growth compared with 2010. Our own products and offerings are constantly improving, and I am confident this will contribute to our success. In particular, our portfolio of video-over-IP products has generated a lot of interest, and we expect this trend to continue in 2011,” he says.
          The company’s role in providing headend and broadcast links to satellites also will be expanded, “Our well known fiber-optic range is still in high demand, but several new customers this year have seen that video over IP or SDH/Sonet telecom interfaces may be a cost-efficient alternative where direct access to fiber is not available. I would say one of the most significant advances in new products was monitoring and control, which is of course relevant to the satellite market and has been a strong business driver for Nevion,” Bergem said.

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