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DirecTV Provides Satellite Solutions For Apartment Living

By | September 11, 2007

      [09-11-07 – Satellite Today]  DirecTV and Thomson are launching a satellite television service for multi-family dwellings like apartment complexes, the company announced Sept. 11.

      The DirecTV MFH3 (Multi-Family Housing version 3) distribution system is desigend to solve satellite distribution issues in dense living spaces such as apartment complexes, condominiums and laster planned communities, and enables delivery of satellite TV programming and services using existing in-building and distribution wiring.

      The MFH3 system uses IP technology as a simple distribution platform to deliver satellite television and other services from a private "on-property" head end facility to each customer dwelling. A single head end system currently supports up to 500 devices, with larger systems in development.

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