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More Channels For Hits Quantum Service Subscribers

By | September 10, 2007

      [09-10-07 – Satellite Today]  The Comcast Media Center’s Hits Quantum service has added six more HDTV channels to its lineup, the company announced Sept. 10.

      The service, which is aboard SES Americom’s HD-Prime satellite, AMC-18, has already launched on three cable systems, and 12 more have signed up for the service.

      Hits Quantum offers more than 200 digital video and audio services in order to support cable system operators’ migration to an all-digital service. The all-digital platform, which features secured authorization, optimized DPI triggers for the insertion of ads, and high-quality video and audio, also provides networks with greater potential for additional penetration on Hits Quantum’s cable systems affiliates, the company said.

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