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Sirius Launches Aftermarket Tuner For Backseat TV

By | August 17, 2007

      [08/17/07 – Satellite Today] The first satellite radio tuner that can receive Sirius Satellite Radio’s TV offering will be available in the fourth quarter, Sirius announced Aug. 16.
      The SCV1 satellite radio tuner delivers three channels of programming provided under Sirius Backseat TV as well as access to all of Sirius’ radio channels.
      The unit, designed to work with an FM radio and a rear seat video monitor, will have a suggested price of $299.99.
      Sirius also unveiled its Stiletto 2 unit, which can receive live Sirius radio broadcasts as well as Sirius Internet Radio programming via a Wi-Fi connection. The 4.3-ounce unit also can store up to 100 hours of programming.

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