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By | March 26, 2014

      Air China to Install GX Aviation on Aircraft

      Honeywell Aerospace and Air China have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to begin Global Xpress (GX) Aviation on the airline’s A330 aircraft. Air China is the first airline to collaborate with Honeywell and Inmarsat to test the GX Ka-band connectivity solution, which will begin in the second quarter of 2015.

      GX Aviation will provide aircraft with high speed bandwidth, giving Air China passengers home- and office-like wireless connectivity while in the air. According to Honeywell, passengers can expect a 60 percent improvement in download speed with GX Aviation compared to current solutions in the market.

      “The first satellite in the Global Xpress constellation is in place following a successful launch in December 2013,” said Bill Peltola, Inmarsat’s vice president of aviation. “The second and third satellites are scheduled to be launched by the end of 2014.”


      ST Electronics Announces Partnerships for TeLEOS 1 Launch

      TeLEOS 1 Earth Observation Satellite. Photo: ST Electronics

      TeLEOS 1 Earth Observation Satellite. Photo: ST Electronics

      STEE-SatComS, a subsidiary of ST Electronics, has partnered with Satrec Initiative Company, SPOT Asia and Antrix Corporation for the launch and distribution of imagery from its TeLEOS 1 satellite, Singapore’s first commercial Earth observation satellite.

      India-based Antrix has agreed to launch the satellite into a near equatorial orbit with ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV). Satrec and SPOT Asia will assist with the distribution of imagery from the satellite, which is expected to be commercially available in 2016.

      SKY Perfect JSAT to Upgrade Kratos ISI Management System

      Kratos Integral Systems International (Kratos ISI), a business unit of Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, has been selected by SKY Perfect JSAT to upgrade its Epoch IPS satellite fleet management system to support its JCSAT 14 satellite.

      SKY Perfect JSAT has used the Epoch IPS for more than 10 years to operate satellites such as N STARc, JCSAT 9, 10, 12, and 13, and NSAT 110. The JSAT 14, a Loral 1300 satellite, will allow SKY Perfect JSAT to take advantage of Epoch IPS’ ability to operate satellites from different manufacturers in one integrated system.


      Intelsat Appoints New Head of Business Development in Asia-Pacific

      Intelsat has appointed Patrick French as its new head of business development in the Asia-Pacific region. In his new role, the 25-year satellite industry veteran will be responsible for helping to develop and implement Intelsat’s strategy for the region.

      Based in the company’s Singapore office, French will report directly to Dee Schwalb, Intelsat’s vice president for business development and satellite related services. Previously, French has served as senior analyst and head at the Singapore Representative Office for Northern Sky Research (NSR).


      JAXA Seeks Prime Contractor for Flagship Launch Vehicle

      JAXA’s current Epsilon launch vehicle.  Photo: JAXA

      JAXA’s current Epsilon launch vehicle.
      Photo: JAXA

      The Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) is seeking a prime contractor to conduct the development, manufacturing and launch services for its new flagship launch vehicle. The new vehicle is being designed with a goal of securing the country’s autonomous launch capability of satellites and other payloads while acquiring international competitiveness in the space transportation field.JAXA’s current Epsilon launch vehicle. Photo: JAXATeLEOS 1 Earth Observation Satellite. Photo: ST Electronics

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