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Visiona Signs Contracts With Suppliers of Brazil’s Geostationary Satellite System – SGDC

By | December 23, 2013

      Visiona signed contracts on December 12 with Thales Alenia Space (TAS) and Arianespace, which have respectively agreed to furnish a satellite and its launching. The contact with the satellite supplier also provides for the transfer of technology to Brazilian companies, under the coordination of the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB).

      These supplier contracts were finalized by Visiona just two weeks after signing a contract with Telebras, the end customer of the SGDC (Strategic Defense and Communications Geostationary Satellite) system. “Another relevant stage of the project has been concluded, allowing us to move forward with the work of developing the system,” states Visiona President Nelson Salgado.

      The supplier selection process took 12 months and was based on international best practices, focusing on meeting the technical, operational, and economic parameters of the project, as well as the requirements set forth by the Brazilian government for technology transfer.

      With the SGDC system, Brazil intends not only to gain national sovereignty in strategic civilian and military communications, but also nationwide broadband Internet access.

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