Globalstar Upgrades Simplex Network

By | October 12, 2009 | Uncategorized

Globalstar is upgrading its network to enhance the messaging capacity and the data receiver sensitivity of the Globalstar Simplex data network, the company announced.
   The upgrades, supplied by Comtech Aero Astro, are expected to increase receiver sensitivity and expand Simplex’s geographic coverage area. The Simplex data network is used to support a variety of emergency asset, fleet management and personal tracking applications as well as Globalstar’s Spot Satellite GPS Messenger products.
   “We anticipate these upgrades will expand our current Simplex data subscriber messaging capacity by as much as 10 times and increase our receiver sensitivity of the network by perhaps up to 40 percent," Globalstar CEO Peter Dalton said in a statement.
    Globalstar began installing the upgrades at its gateway ground station facility in Wasilla, Alaska, earlier this month. The company plans to complete the installation of the enhanced software at all of its gateways equipped with Simplex by late October.

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