Comtech Unveils Low-Latency ACM, VersaFEC Combination for Satellite Modems

By | October 12, 2009 | Uncategorized

Comtech EF Data Corp. has rolled out an adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) capability for its CDM-625 advanced satellite modem, which is optimized by pairing the system with Comtech’s forward error correction device, VersaFEC, the company announced.
    The combination of the systems is being marketed to VSAT end-users as a lower-latency alternative to a DVB-S2 and ACM combination.
    Comtech said that when compared to DVB-S2 paired with ACM, which uses a constant number of bits per frame, the combination of VersaFEC and ACM provides a reduction in system latency, enabling more bandwidth efficiency and increasing throughput for IP-based point-to-point applications.
    ACM works to automatically adapt a signal modulation type and forward error correction code rate to provide the highest possible throughput, regardless of link conditions.

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