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Industry News – December 2008

By | December 1, 2008


      ATCi Releases CentralCast Solution

      Antenna Technology Communications Inc. (ATCi) has introduced its CentralCast solution.
          CentralCast enables broadcasters relying on microwave transmissions and fiber networks to send signals to off-air repeaters, cable headends, and DBS uplink sites. The technology uses point-to-multipoint C-band or Ku-band satellite delivery and offers a digital signal for VHF/UHF broadcast TV stations throughout the United States.
          The solution aims to address the analog-to-digital TV mandate scheduled to take place Feb. 17, and ATCi has made about 20 systems available to extend the solution’s reach prior to the deadline.

      Harris Introduces Geospatial Search Tracking Tool

      Harris Corp. has introduced its geospatial search tracking and retrieval (GeoSTAR) tool.
          The commercial off-the-shelf, Web-based graphical user interface provides a simple approach to researching, accessing and controlling imagery and geospatial products.
          GeoSTAR operates in the context of a geospatial information system, where it provides instructions to the services and data access layers such as Harris’ GeoDART search and retrieval software. GeoSTAR also is compatible with major commercial Web browsers.

      Orbit Unveils Digital Tracking System

      Orbit Technology Group has unveiled digital tracking solutions, the AL-4012 and AL-4016.
          The AL-4012 is designated for portable and fixed ground installations and can be used on ground and marine platforms for tracking unmanned aerial vehicles and other aircrafts as well as low-orbiting satellites.
          The AL-4012 is equipped with brushless servomotors and planetary gearbox as well as an absolute encoder for each axis and can be used for tracking and telemetry systems, weather radar systems and positioning systems. The system features a dual digital servo amplifier, and includes built-in-test abilities for the entire pedestal.
          The AL-4016 is medium-weight and supports numerous types of slip-rings, rotary joints, wave guides and antenna sizes used on a variety of tracking and telemetry systems, optic systems, weather radar systems, and positioning systems in air, land and marine applications.

      Paradise Datacom Rolls Out Satellite Signal Cancellers

      Paradise Datacom has begun shipping its new series of bandwidth-saving Satellite Signal Cancellers.
          The PCMA-70, which contains ViaSat’s paired carrier multiple access technology, potentially can double space segment usage in incremental bandwidths up to 36 megahertz in a single box, Paradise Datacom says.
          The unit combines uplink and downlink transmissions into a single transponder bandwidth, providing up to 50 percent reduction in the satellite space segment cost.


      Atrexx Provides Satcom for Libyan Oil Industry

      Atrexx, a telecommunication and broadcast solution provider based in Germany, has signed contracts to provide satellite communications to European suppliers in the Libyan oil and gas industry.
           Atrexx will provide its 2way2sat solution, a dedicated, IP-based virtual private network, to remote exploration sites and to drilling teams based in the region. The 2way2sat solution uses iDirect 5100 service modems.

      C-Com Sets Up Second Service Center in china

      C-Com Satellite Systems Inc. has established its second service and support center in China.
          The Beijing service center will be operated by Blue Satellite Communications Technology Co. Ltd., one of C-Com’s value-added resellers. The center will train Chinese customers in the use of the C-Com-manufactured iNetVu Mobile auto pointing satellite platforms, provide local technical support and act as a warranty repair center and distribution facility for all C-Com products sold in China.
          C-Com opened its first service center in Beijing, operated by Hua Sheng & Li Tian Technology Co. Ltd., in May 2007.     

      GeoEye Adds Telespazio as Commercial Regional Affiliate

      GeoEye Inc. signed a multi-year agreement for Rome-based Telespazio S.p.A. to act as GeoEye’s commercial regional affiliate for Europe and North Africa.
          Under the agreement,  Telespazio, a Finmeccanica/Thales company, will produce, market and sell Earth imagery and related products and services to customers in Europe and North Africa based on data collected by the GeoEye-1 satellite.
          GeoEye-1, which will collect ground images with a resolution of less than 0.5 meters, was launched in September and is expected to be fully operational this fall.
          Beginning in 2009, Telespazio also will have exclusive access to images collected by the Ikonos satellite. The GeoEye-1 and Ikonos collection, processing and sales rights granted to Telespazio are subject to U.S. government approval of the multi-year agreement, GeoEye said.

      RRSat Launches Additional Ku-Band Platform

      RRsat has launched an additional platform on a Ku-band Galaxy-25 satellite transponder, which provides services to DTH viewers and cable operators in the United States.
          The Galaxy 25 satellite, located at 97 degrees West, provides ethnic video content, offering programmers and content distributors access to millions of homes in the United States.


      C2Sat Signs Seanet Deal

      C2Sat signed a stabilized VSAT antenna systems deal with Seanet Maritime Communications.
          Seanet is a global telecom operator that installs and deploys mobile telephony and broadband on board ferry, cruise and merchant ships.
          Under the contract, C2Sat will delivery 60 stabilized VSAT antenna systems, beginning with two antennas that will be delivered to Seanet for immediate test installation on ships.

      Glowlink Wins Geolocation Equipment Contract in Turkey

      Glowlink won a competitive contract award from Turksat A.S. for geolocation and carrier monitoring equipment.
           Under the terms of the contract, Glowlink will deliver, install and conduct training for the company’s Model 8000 and Model 1000 geolocation systems at Turksat’s facilities in Ankara.

      Lockheed Martin Receives Satellite Protection System Development Contract

      The U.S. Air Force awarded Lockheed Martin a contract for the development phase of the Self-Awareness Space Situational Awareness technology demonstration program.
          Under the contract, Lockheed Martin will develop a technology demonstration payload to provide tactical space situational awareness with dedicated communications. The surveillance system is intended to increase critical awareness of threats to U.S. satellites and demonstrate the capability to control and manage up to eight instruments for operational systems implementation.
          The Space Superiority Systems Wing of the Air Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center initiated the program after recognizing an emerging need to protect its satellite systems.
          After a two-year demonstration effort, the Air Force expects to award a contract for spacecraft integration and on-orbit operations that will run through 2011, with options for 2012 and 2013.


      Integral Systems Reorganizes Corporate Structure

      Integral Systems has reorganized its business operations.
           Integral’s SAT Corp. subsidiary will move under the company’s space communications services group, joining its RT Logic and Lumistar subsidiaries. The business will be led by Stuart Daughtridge as the group’s executive vice president and general manager. Daughtridge also will serve as acting president of RT Logic.
           Integral Commercial Products, producers of the Epoch line of software, will realign within the company’s commercial group, joining the Integral Systems Europe and Newpoint subsidiaries. James Kramer will lead the group as senior vice president and general manager. Kramer previously was vice president of the commercial products division.

      Lockheed Martin Vice President Sets Retirement Date

      Lockheed Martin’s Vice President of corporate legislative affairs, Brian Dailey, will retire April 1.
          Gregory Dahlberg, vice president of corporate legislative affairs, will succeed Dailey effective Jan. 1. Dailey will remain in a supporting role until his retirement date.
          Dahlberg previously served as minority staff director of the U.S. House Appropriations Committee’s Defense Subcommittee. Prior to that position, he was under secretary of the U.S. Army and was acting secretary of the Army during the early months of the George W. Bush administration. He joined Lockheed Martin’s Washington operations staff in March 2003.


      IDC Wins Canadian Manufacturing Award

      International Datacasting Corp. (IDC) received the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters Regional Award for new technology for the Ontario region.
          IDC received the award for their launch of SFX Duo line of receivers, part of the Company’s Superflex family of DVB-S2 products.
          The award, handed out annually, recognizes innovative excellence in the development, adoption and application of new technology in process or products. 

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