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OmniGlobe Makes Acquisition to Boost International Expansion

By | February 20, 2008

      [Satellite Today – 2-20-08] OmniGlobe Networks has acquired Bandwidth Technologies International Group Limited, a U.K.-based international provider of satellite communications systems, Omniglobe announced Feb. 19.
          OmniGlobe specializes in the provision of telecommunications services in areas of the world where the conventional telecoms infrastructure is often non-existent. Bandwidth Technologies’management, staff, offices and technical center in Frimley, Hampshire, England will, be renamed the OmniGlobe International Satellite Communications Division and become the operations and sales center for OmniGlobe’s planned expansion of its existing business in the Middle East and Africa. 
          “In a single step we’ve acquired a world class engineering management team, a highly valuable and long-term customer base to whom we can now offer a wide range of additional complementary services, an operational center in a European time zone to underpin and expand our existing Middle Eastern and African activities, and a healthy and growing enterprise that will contribute strongly to OmniGlobe’s already fast growth,” OmniGlobe CEO Jason Neale said in a statement.
          Financial details of the all cash transaction were not released.

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