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Industry News: Technology (Nov. 2007)

By | November 1, 2007

      STM Consortium  To Improve DVB-RCS

      STM Group’s research and development center is leading a consortium to evaluate, prototype and test advanced modem technologies for the European Space Agency (ESA).
          The primary intent of the consortium is to improve performance of the digital video broadcasting-return channel satellite (DVB-RCS) standard while reducing operating costs. DVB-RCS is an international standard for multiple frequency time division multiple access satellite networks published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute and developed by The DVB Project, an industry-led consortium of manufacturers, software developers, broadcasters and regulatory bodies in more than 35 countries.
          Thales Alenia Space España, German Aerospace Center-DLR, ENST Bretagne, TurboConcept and Verisat are part of the STM Norway consortium. (STM Norway, Vollsveien 21, N-1366 Lysaker, Norway, Tel: +47 6753 5337, Fax: + 47 6753 5335; Web:

      ESA Tests ATV Flight Software

      The flight software for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) Automatic Transfer Vehicle (ATV) is compatible with the rest of the International Space Station’s flight software.
          The software for the ATV, which will be used to resupply the Space Station, was tested by engineers from NASA, ESA, Astrium, RSC-Energia and Boeing over three weeks at the NASA Software Verification Facility in Houston. This ISS-level stage test, dubbed a five-box test, is a new step where the software is integrated into the whole ISS software ground testbed.
          The first launch of the Jules Verne ATV is scheduled for early 2008 aboard an Ariane 5. (European Space Agency; 8-10 rue Mario Nikis, 75738 Paris Cedex 15, France;  Tel: +33 1 5369 7654, Fax: +33 1 5369 7560; Web: www.esa. org)

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