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Blue Sky Network, Iridium Provide RAF With Flight-Tracking System For Search-And-Rescue Missions

By | August 1, 2007

      The British Ministry of Defense is deploying Blue Sky Network’s Iridium satellite-based flight tracking equipment for the Search-and-Rescue division of the Royal Air Force (RAF), the companies announced July 31.

      Utilizing Blue Sky Network’s D1000C and ACH1000 equipment, the RAF is capable of tracking aircraft and using satellite voice communications for search and rescue efforts worldwide.

      The D1000C Iridium terminal offers a flight-tracking unit with high reliability and control that integrates with the ACH1000 voice and messaging enabled control head. The combined solution affords the RAF with reliable text and voice communications plus event reporting.

      The RAF’s purchase of 44 aircraft tracking and communication kits from Blue Sky Network is the largest the provider has fulfilled for a large airborne search-and-rescue fleet. The RAF will track its aircraft and augment existing communication with radio operators while tracking data from Blue Sky Network’s SkyRouter portal will be integrated with existing RAF command and control systems.

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