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U.S. Air Force To Assess Radarsat-2 Capabilities

By | July 12, 2007

      MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. received a contract to assist the U.S. Air Force in an evaluation of the capabilities of the Radarsat-2 satellite, including a study of operating a second satellite in tandem with radar imagery spacecraft, MacDonald Dettwiler announced July 11.

      Radarsat-2 is designed to provide C-band radar imagery with ground resolution of 3 to 100 meters and is scheduled to be placed in orbit this summer by a Russian Soyuz rocket.

      The company will demonstrate how data collected by Radarsat-2 can be used for maritime surveillance, intelligence applications and other defense-related requirements. As part of the contract, MacDonald Dettwiler will address the requirements and the concept of operations for a clone satellite flying in tandem with Radarsat-2, which would enable capabilities such as the creation of a global high-resolution terrain map.

      The $9.5 million contract is with the Canadian Commercial Corp., which is acting as the international contracting agency between the two parties.

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