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DirecTV-10 Orbited Aboard ILS Proton

By | July 10, 2007

      International Launch Services (ILS) launched the DirecTV-10 satellite July 7 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, ILS announced. A Proton Breeze M rocket placed the satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit for approximately two months of in-orbit testing before the spacecraft moves into operating position at 102.8° West.

      The Boeing-built 702 model satellite is designed to enhance DirecTV’s high-definition (HD) services across the United States. DirecTV-11, also manufactured by Boeing, is scheduled to be placed into orbit in early in 2008 to support further expansion of HD services.

      Between the two satellites, DirecTV will be capable of delivering more than 1,500 local HD channels and 150 national HD channels as well as new programming services, the company said.

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