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NASA Sets Up Einstein Probe Office

By | June 28, 2007

      NASA created an office to facilitate the agency’s work in medium-class science missions designed to investigate phenomena such as dark energy, black holes and cosmic microwave background radiation, NASA announced June 26.

      The Einstein Probes Office will be housed in the Beyond Einstein Program Office at Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. The Beyond Einstein Program consists of five proposed missions: two major observatories and three smaller probes.

      NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy have commissioned a National Research Council committee to assess which of the missions should be developed and launched first, based on scientific impact, technology readiness and budgetary considerations. The recommendations are due to be released in September.

      Separately, NASA appointed John “Tip” Talone Jr. to the new position of associate program manager of the Constellation Program at Kennedy Space Center, Fla. The Constellation program is NASA’s effort to develop vehicles to explore the moon, Mars and beyond.

      Talone previously served as director of the Constellation Project Office since its inception in 2005. In his new position, Talone will ensure technical and operational issues are identified and resolved, represent the Constellation Program to external entities and provide program insight into NASA and contractor activities.

      Philip “Pepper” Phillips will replace Talone as the director of the Constellation Project Office.

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