SpaceX Announces New Launch

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Space Exploration Technologies Corp., or SpaceX, has a 10th launch on its manifest, the company announced.

Late this year, SpaceX will use the Falcon 1 rocket in a launch for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, and the Air Force.

The first responsive launch demonstration, fired off in March, was the maiden flight of Falcon 1

Additionally, the ninth launch, already announced, is with MDA Corporation

Aside from the ten launches on manifest, SpaceX has a $100 million IDIQ contract for launch of Falcon 1 in place with the Air Force, according to the company .

“SpaceX is very appreciative of the continued support and confidence of our customers,” said Elon Musk, SpaceX CEO. “With our Falcon family of launch vehicles, SpaceX offers the ability to deliver any satellite into any orbit at the most cost effective price in the world. The evidence is clear that the market is responding to that fact.”

SpaceX has launch complexes at Cape Canaveral, Fla., Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif., and the Marshall Islands (Kwajalein Atoll). This permits direct launch to any inclination, according to SpaceX. With its Kwajalein launch site on Omelek Island, SpaceX is the only U.S. heavy lift provider with an equatorial launch location, the company asserts.

This is the launch manifest supplied by SpaceX:

Customer Launch Date Vehicle Departure Point
US Defense Dept (DARPA) Q1 2006 Falcon 1 Kwajalein
US Defense Dept (DARPA) Q4 2006 Falcon 1 Kwajalein
US Defense Dept (OSD/NRL) Q4 2006 Falcon 1 Kwajalein
Malaysia (ATSB) Q3 2007 Falcon 1 Kwajalein
US Government Q1 2008 Falcon 9 Kwajalein
SpaceDev Q2 2008 Falcon 1 Vandenberg
MDA Corp. Q2 2008 Falcon 9 Kwajalein
MDA Corp. Q3 2008 Falcon 1 Vandenberg
Bigelow Aerospace Q4 2008 Falcon 9 Kwajalein
Swedish Space Corp. Q4 2009 Falcon 1 Vandenberg
US Air Force $100 million contract thru 2010 Falcon 1 TBD
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