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Honeywell Intros Space-Based IC Gear

By | November 1, 2004

      Honeywell [HON] rolled out a 150-nanometer, 15-million-gate integrated circuit (IC) technology it says exponentially increases speed and bandwidth capabilities for processing and transmitting data in aerospace systems, including space satellites and networked battlefield systems.

      “This new application-specific IC technology platform meets the speed and performance requirements of advanced flight and navigation systems, satellites, communications, radar equipment and smart munitions in development today,” said Gary Kirchner, director of engineering and technology/ defense & space electronic systems at Honeywell. Adapting commercial technologies and design-flow methods enabled Honeywell to meet military and aerospace demand quickly for next-generation components, he added.

      (Cathy Gedvilas, Honeywell, 602/365-2934)

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