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Goumy Wins Arthur C. Clarke Award

By | October 25, 2004

      Claude Goumy, former chief executive of Matra Marconi Space, was honored with the Arthur C. Clarke Lifetime Achievement Award for his contributions to the development and exploitation of space in a career that spanned commercial, government and military, scientific and weather satellite technology and applications.

      Goumy, a European space and satellite industry leader, received an award that is emblematic of advancing the science and technology of communications and other applications satellites as well as making a significant and lasting contribution to the industry.

      Speaking at the award ceremony, Goumy said, “I am concerned that a lifetime achievement award suggests that I am finished,” and he reassured the audience that he continues to develop new ideas and approaches to space-based solutions and technology.

      (Scott Chase, Arthur C. Clarke Foundation, 301/879-1613)

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