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NAV Canada, FAA Team For Navigation Upgrade

By | October 4, 2004

      WB Holdings 1 LLC, an affiliated organization of fledgling satellite broadband service WildBlue, filed a request for Special Temporary Authority to operate its Ka-band payload (29250 MHz-30000 MHz, 8350 MHz-28600 MHz and 19700 MHz-20200 MHz) on the Intelsat Americas 8 (IA-8) satellite at WildBlue’s 109.2 degrees W longitude orbital location for 60 days, after the launch of IA-8 in mid-November. Intelsat North America LLC is launching the satellite, and WildBlue would operate its payload on a non- interference basis.

      Intelsat, an investor in startup WildBlue, bought the Intelsat Americas satellite still under construction from Loral Skynet earlier this year. The deployment of the new satellite at the 109.2 degrees W orbital slot would help WildBlue fulfill mandates from the International Telecommunication Union that a spacecraft occupy the location. It appears WildBlue is benefiting from its partner Intelsat in more ways than just obtaining additional financial support.

      (Tony Trujillo, Intelsat, 202/944-7835)

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