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Spotlight: Asian Oil Operation Gains Bandwidth

By | November 24, 2003

      China CNOOC [NYSE: CEO], a Hong Kong-based producer of offshore crude oil and natural gas, is deploying a satellite network to carry high-speed data, videoconferencing and voice/fax services.

      Roughly 40 locations would be served using StarWire bandwidth-on-demand very small aperture terminals (VSATs) supplied by Carlsbad, Calif.-based ViaSat [Nasdaq: VSAT]. ViaSat uses paired carrier multiple access (PCMA) technology to double bandwidth, its officials said. PCMA combines separate frequencies into the same bandwidth to transmit and receive content. The technology is compatible with all modulation, coding, and multiple access techniques on “bent pipe” satellites.

      The Hong Kong company opted to switch to StarWire from a competing VSAT service to take advantage of PCMA’s bandwidth expansion, which could save China CNOOC up to 10 MHz of satellite bandwidth rental, ViaSat officials said.

      In addition, China CNOOC will become the first customer to use ViaSat’s new Calypso IV terminal that can accommodate two high-speed PCMA-capable modems per chassis. ViaSat also developed an L-band converter that will enable China CNOOC to continue to use its installed base of 70 MHz transceivers and antennas.

      The deal enables China CNOOC to directly connect remote sites by using a peer-to-peer network architecture. ViaSat’s customer also will be able to connect its Beijing headquarters with six “sub-centers” to facilitate operations at each offshore location.

      –Paul Dykewicz

      (Bruce Rowe, ViaSat, 760/476-2505)

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