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Victory Sports To Use AMC-4

By | August 25, 2003

      SES Americom, the U.S. subsidiary of SES Global [Luxembourg: SESG], announced that Minneapolis-based Victory Sports has signed a multi-year agreement for C- band satellite bandwidth on AMC-4 for the distribution of Victory’s regional sports network to cable headends and broadcast outlets throughout the Upper Midwest.AMC-4 is a hybrid C/Ku-band satellite that became operational in January 2000 at 101 degrees West Longitude. AMC-4 carries twenty-four 36 MHz 20-watt C-band transponders, committed to broadcast and cable-oriented services providing fifty-state, Canadian, Mexican and Caribbean coverage. In addition, the spacecraft has twenty-four 36 MHz 110-watt Ku-band transponders providing Americas-wide coverage. Each Ku-band transponder can be switched between North America and South America, fully supporting two-way communication throughout the Americas. AMC-4 also has four 72 MHz transponders in the extended Ku-band that are able to support inter-American communications.

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