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By | August 13, 2003

      78.5 degreesE:
      Thaicom 2&3

      D Star Vijay has launched on 3600 MHz horizontal, SR 26667, FEC 3/4 via PIDs V517, A700 in clear MPEG-2. The other channels in this multiplex are Thai TV Global Network – V512, A650; Tara Bangla – V514, A670; TVK [Cambodia] – V516, A690; VTV 4 [Vietnam] – V518, A710; ATN Bangla – V513, A660; Herbalife Asia – V519, A720; Radio Cambodia – A690 and Radio Bangkok 94FM – A651.

      76.5 degreesE:
      Apstar 2R

      D TV Lanka has left 3715 MHz vertical, SR 6500, FEC 3/4 and has been replaced by a caption advising viewers to re-tune to 3654 MHz horizontal, SR 6500, FEC 3/4.

      68.5 degreesE:
      PAS 7 & 10

      D The New Delhi TV package on 3895 MHz vertical, SR 8640 has changed FEC to 2/3. There are two free-to-air channels here, 24×7 NDTV – V32, A33 and NDTV India – V34, A36. A multiplex for Mozambique and Angola has launched on 12577 MHz vertical, SR 3378, FEC 3/4 containing Mana Sat 1 – V1062, A1063; Mana Sat 2 – V2062, A2063 and Radio Viva – A1065.

      60 degreesE:
      Intelsat 904

      D A new channel from Kazakhstan, Channel 31, has opened on 11152 MHz horizontal, SR 5925, FEC 3/4, VPID 258, APID 259 in clear MPEG-2.

      45 degreesE:
      Europe*Star 1

      D A live debate from South Africa was fed over 11511 MHz vertical, SR 5632, FEC 3/4, ID:’TELEMEDIA SNG R’ on 6 August at 16:30 in free-to-air MPEG-2.

      42 degreesE:
      Turksat 1C & Eurasiasat 1

      D The Turkish radio station, Radyo 15, has launched on 11154 MHz vertical, SR 4557, FEC 3/4 via APID 37 [left channel] in clear MPEG-2. Fashion TV Turkiye has launched within the Madya Grubu package on 11868 MHz vertical, SR 4510, FEC 5/6, VPID 37, APID 38 in free-to-air MPEG-2.

      A TV 8 has left 11838 MHz vertical where it had been available in clear PAL. The channel continues on 11830 MHz vertical, SR 6665, FEC 3/4 in free-to-air MPEG-2 via VPID 308, APID 256. A Eurasiasat promo channel has started on 11957 MHz vertical in clear PAL.

      39 degreesE:
      Hellas Sat 2

      D According to Hellas Sat, Hellas Sat 2 became fully operational on 1 August. It will provide high speed internet, voice, DTH digital TV and radio and 2-way broadband services to up to 25 countries. This satellite is expected to carry the primary feed streams from the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens.

      36 degreesE:
      Eutelsat W4 & Sesat

      D An al-Islah promo channel is playing out on 11135 MHz vertical, SR 4885, FEC 2/3, VPID 513, APID 514 in clear MPEG-2. al-Islah is run by the London-based Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia. Lider TV from Azerbaijan on 12520 MHz horizontal has changed VPID to V308. ITR has been replaced by TeleKanal Damsky Klub on 12233 MHz LHCP, SR 12000, FEC 3/4 VPID 257, APID 258 in free-to-air MPEG-2. The usual 4 stream mini-package from the German F1 Grand Prix for the German bouquet Premiere was fed over 11078 MHz horizontal, SR 20000, FEC 3/4. The stream IDs were; ‘PREMIERE’, ‘BOXENGASSE’, ‘COCKPIT’ and ‘HOST’. All four streams were encoded in Cryptoworks. The Lille-vs-Lyon soccer match was fed over 11048 MHz horizontal, SR 13333, FEC 7/8, ID:’FTR/F.52/1/24-D’ on 1 August at 19:00. This feed was encoded in RAS/NTL.

      30.5 degreesE:
      Arabsat 2B

      D The al-Majd Space Channel and Radio Dal have opened on 12690 MHz vertical, SR 6000, FEC 3/4, VPID 768, APIDs 769/770.

      28.2 degreesE:
      Astra 2A, 2B & 2D & Eurobird 1

      D The popular Asian radio station, Sunrise Radio, has announced that they are to launch a TV channel in the Autumn. Sunrise TV will join the Sky Digital line-up and will be free-to-air to Sky subscribers. The Wrestling Channel will hit screens in October. It will carry coverage of US and UK wrestling including archive material from ITV’s World of Sport. The six EMAP radio stations, Kiss 100 FM, Magic 105.4, Smash Hits, Kerrang Radio, Q Radio and The Hits have been given the go ahead to join Sky Digital. Zee Cinema is free- to-air until 18 August at Ch.810. Two new channels are testing on 11390 MHz horizontal. They are Exchange & Mart TV, which will provide motor shopping and Get Lucky TV. The science and technology channel Einstein TV has returned to Sky Digital after a break of several months. Einstein airs mornings and evenings on Ch.268, the Friendly TV stream. A new Factory Outlet channel, Factory Outlet 2, has launched at Ch.663 displacing TV High Street.

      26 degreesE:
      Arabsat 2A, 2C & 3A

      D al-Arabiyah and MBC Europe have appeared on 3789 MHz vertical, SR 4498, FEC 7/8 via PIDs V515/516, A643/644 in clear MPEG-2. Bahrain TV has opened on 11843 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. The channel is carried on three streams, VPIDs 512/513/514, APIDs 650/660/670. Also available here are MBC – V516, A690; MBC 2 – V517, A700; al-Arabiyah – V518, A710; Abu Dhabi TV – V519, A720; Rotana Music – V520, A730; Bahrain General Programme – A651; Bahrain FM – A661; Radio Bahrain – A681; Classical Music Programme [Bahrain] – A691; News Programme [Bahrain] – A701 and Indian Programme [Bahrain] – A711. TV Max 3 and TV Max 4 have joined the Orbit Network line-up at 11919 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPIDs 1088/1104, APIDs 1089/1105 in Mediaguard encoded MPEG-2.

      25.8 degreesE:
      Arabsat 2D

      D CNBC Arabiyah has joined the Arabsat bouquet at 11623 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 2060, APID 2020.

      21.5 degreesE:
      Eutelsat II-F3

      D Sardegna Uno Sat has launched on 12706 MHz vertical, SR 2196, FEC 2/3 via VPID 3601, APID 3604 in free-to-air MPEG-2. On 9 August the channel moved down in frequency to 12701 MHz vertical with the same parameters. An Italian channel, Oasi TV, is testing on 12726 MHz vertical, SR 3720, FEC 7/8, VPID 32, APID 33 in clear MPEF-2 within the Antech multiplex.

      19.2 degreesE:
      Astra 1B,C & E-H, Astra 2C

      D All of the channels in the Dutch Canal Digitaal Satelliet package at 12574 MHz horizontal, SR 22000, FEC 5/6 were free-to-air for several days recently. The channels in question are NET 5 – V165, A100; SBS 6 – V160, A80; Yorin TV – V161, A84; TMF Nederland – V162, A88; Nickelodeon Nederland – V166, A104; Fox kids Nederland [05:00-17:00] – V163, A92; V8 [17:00-05:00] – V163, A92; Best van Nederland TV – V164, A96; Radio 1 – A231; Radio 2 – A232; 3FM – A233; Radio 4 – A234; 747AM – A235; Yorin FM – A223; Kink FM – A224; Radio Nederland Wereldomroep Europa – a225; Radio Nederland Wereldomroep International – A226; RNW 3 – A240; Sky Radio [Nederland] – A227, Classic FM [Nederland] – A229; Radio 538 – A230; De ConcertZender – A228; Radio 10 FM – A236 and Radio Veronica – A239. They are all now encoded in Irdeto 1/Mediaguard again. Several channels in the Canal Digitaal Satelliet package at 12515 MHz horizontal, SR 22000, FEC 5/6 have new VPIDs. They are; Canal+ Rood – V512; Canal+ Blauw – V513; Canal+ 16:9 – V514; X-Zone – V515; NED 1 – V517; NED 2 – V518; NED 3 – V519; TCM Nederland – V516 and Cartoon Network Nederland – V523. Premiere Erotik 1 has joined the German Premiere package at 12070 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 255, APID 256 in Betacrypt encoded MPEG-2.

      A RPR Zwei has been replaced by Big FM Rheinland-Pfalz on 10891 MHz horizontal via the 7.38 MHz ADR audio sub-carrier.

      16 degreesE:
      Eutelsat W2

      D The UK’s fifth terrestrial TV channel Five has launched on 11676 MHz vertical, SR 5632, FEC 5/6, VPID 513, APID 650 in clear MPEG-2. ATN Bangla is new on 11151 MHz vertical, SR 3255, FEC 3/4, VPID 4130, APID 4131.

      13 degreesE:
      Hotbird 1/2/3/4/6

      D Gay TV has left the Antena Hungaria package at 12149 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. In the Belgacom package at 12476 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 a new channel for the Kurdish people, Mezopotamya TV, has launched in free-to-air MPEG-2 via VPID 701, APID 702. The channel is based in Copenhagen, Denmark and broadcasts in all the Kurdish dialects, namely Kurmanci, Sorani, Zazaki and Luri. Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and EuroSport Italia have all joined the SkyItalia package at 12418 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 via PIDs V161/162/165, A74/88/100 respectively. On 11842 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, another SkyItalia multiplex, the PIDs for some channels have been changed. Fox Italia is now – V2440, A2441; RAISatExtra – V2443, A2444; RAISatPremium – V2445, A2446; Happy Channel – V2447, A2448; Duel TV – V2450, A2451; Canale Jimmy – V2453, A2454 and Cult Network Italia – V2456, A2457. All of the channels here are encoded in Irdeto 2/Mediaguard 2/Videoguard. SkyItalia is the new name for the merged Tele+ Digital and Stream TV packages. MundoVision has been replaced by TV Colombia on two streams within the Telespazio package on 11179 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPIDs 229/245, APIDs 230/246. Two more channels have joined the Network Italia Teleport line-up at 11200 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 5/6. They are Piemonte Sat – V400, A401 and Noello Sat – V404, A405. Elite Shopping TV has now left this bouquet. The Italian channels Leonardo, Nuvolari and Alice have vacated 11200 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 5/6. A Pehla caption has appeared in the Arabesque package at 12015 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 via VPID 524. Pehla is a Middle East provider offering Asian TV and radio channels within the Arab Digital Distribution package. The Serbian channels, Pink Plus, Pink Extra and Radio Pink have all left 10949 MHz vertical and have re-located to 12577 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. They were replaced by Sun TV and Surya TV on PIDs V6401/6501, A6411/6511. Radio PIN 120FM has joined the Polish Cyfra+ line-up at 10892 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, APID 124. In the Russian RTV International package at 11938 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 TeleKlub has entered into a stream-share with Detski Mir via VPID 162, APID 84 in Viaccess 2 encoded MPEG-2. TeleKlub airs from 19:00-22:00 whilst Detski Mir is available from 22:00-19:00. Sexy Sat TV is new on 11623 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 232, APID 252 within the GlobeCast package. The new Paris-based Jewish TV channel, Chai TV, is airing a promo video loop on 11623 MHz vertical via VPID 221, APID 241. The Italian radio station Radio Radicale has joined the Telespazio line-up at 12673 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 via APID 431. Radio Studio Delta is new on 11200 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 5/6, APID 378. The Italian sports network SNAI Sat is currently free-to-air on 11977 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 2432, APID 2432 in the SkyItalia package. In another SkyItalia multiplex, at 12054 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 a Sky testcard has appeared via PIDs V162, A88. In parallel to Eutelsat II-F3 at 21.5 degrees East, Oasi TV is testing on 12303 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 248, APID 247 in the RTV Slovenija package.

      A RTP Africa appears to have left the Portuguese RTP transponder at 11725 MHz vertical. RTP Africa was using the 7.56 MHz audio sub-carrier in clear PAL.

      10 degreesE:
      Eutelsat W1

      D Live coverage from the German F1 Grand Prix at Hockenheim for ITV Sport was fed over 11085 MHz vertical, SR 9598, FEC 3/4, ID:’F1 BACKUP’ in encoded MPEG-2 on 1 August.

      7 degreesE:
      Eutelsat W3

      D A new Austrian multiplex has opened on 11688 MHz horizontal, SR 8500, FEC 5/6 containing Expo Channel – V2001, A2002; Sat 1 Osterreich – V2005, A2006; Pro Sieben Schweiz – V2021, A2022 plus these Xtra Music audio streams; Hottest Hits – A4000; Classic Rock – A4005; Alternative – A4010; Rock ‘n’ Roll Oldies – A4015; Dance – A4020; Trends – A4025; Classic R&B – A4030; Reggae – A4035; Latin Contemporary – A4040; Classic Jazz – A4045; Modern Country – A4050; Blues – A4055; Popular Classical – A4060; Beautiful Instruments – A4065; Symphonic – A4070; Opera – A4075; Love Songs – A4080; 80’s Hits – A4085; Smooth Jazz – A4090; 70’s Hits – A4100; New Age – A4105; R&B/HipHop – A4115; French Hits – A4120; Italian Contemporary – A4125 and finally Euro Hits – A4130. All are encoded in Cryptoworks. Live coverage of the Le Havre-vs-Nancy soccer match was carried on 11154 MHz vertical, SR 6666, FEC 7/8, ID:’TV’ for EuroSport France on 1 August at 14:15 in clear MPEG-2. Coverage of a Champions League match between Slavia Praha and Leotar was fed over 11069 MHz vertical, SR 6666, FEC 7/8, ID:’CZE 001 12 MBIT/S’ in MPEG-2 4.2.2 on 6 August at 17:30. Sky Turk is testing on 11673 MHz horizontal, SR 2500, FEC 3/4 via PIDs V288, A304.

      5 degreesE:
      Sirius 2 & 3, Astra 1A

      D Two new radio stations have joined the Bulgarian TV channel, bTV, on 12465 MHz horizontal, SR 10787, FEC 7/8. They are Radio Gong – A81 and Darik Radio – A111. In the Albanica Sat multiplex for Albania there are two new arrivals, Koha Vision – V513, A514 and Radio Dukagjini on APID 515. On the same frequency RTC 21 Sat has a new SR – 8030 and new PIDs – V257, A258.

      5 degreesW:
      Telecom 2C & Atlantic Bird 3

      D The two US Christian cable channels, TCT World and Daystar TV, have left 12725 MHz horizontal, SR 3711, FEC 5/6. They can both be found on Telstar 12 at 15 degrees West.

      7 degreesW:
      Nilesat 101 & 102

      D In the ART package at 12034 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 a al-Hawa Sawa promo channel has opened in free-to-air MPEG-2 via VPID 3134, APID 3135. ART al-Thekr has joined the Egyptian ERTU multiplex at 11843 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, APID 2020.

      8 degreesW:
      Telecom 2D & Atlantic Bird 2

      D EuroNews has launched on 11654 MHz horizontal, SR 4440, FEC 3/4, VPID 308, APID 256 in clear MPEG-2. A Dubai package for the Americas has opened on 10974 MHz horizontal, SR 30000, FEC 3/4 containing EDTV Channel Europe [2 streams] – V4130/4898, A4131/4899; Dubai Sports Channel Europe – V4386, A4387 and Dubai Business Channel – V4642, A4643

      11.5 degreesW:
      Eutelsat II-F4

      D The Eutelsat promo channel has moved once again, this time from 12563 MHz horizontal to 12708 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 1110, APID 1211.

      12.5 degreesW:
      Atlantic Bird 1

      D A Russian package opened temporarily on 11658 MHz and 12710 MHz horizontal, SR 2000, FEC 3/4 last week. It contained Radio Retro, Radio Dinamit FM, Radio Novaya Zhizn, Russkoe Radio 2, Radio Monte Carlo, Novosti Online FM, Energia FM, Radio Arsenal FM and Avtoradio. The platform was switched off shortly afterwards. Live coverage of the Manchester United-vs-Juventus soccer match was fed over 11142 MHz horizontal, SR 5632, FEC 3/4, ID:’GlobeCast Service’ in encoded MPEG-2 during the evening of 1 August. The Glasgow Rangers-vs-Arsenal pre-season friendly football match was fed over 11664 MHz horizontal, SR 6111, FEC 3/4, VPID 308, APID 256, ID:’SOLO’ on 5 August at 19:30 in clear MPEG-2.

      15 degreesW:
      Telstar 12

      D Reality TV Central Europe, Club TV Central Europe and Super 1 have all returned to the UPC cable package at 11150 MHz horizontal, SR 18386, FEC 3/4, VPIDs 2301/2901/3201, APIDs 2319/2910/3210 after a short break. All of the channels here are encoded in Cryptoworks. Following their move from Atlantic Bird 3 at 5 degrees West Daystar TV and TCT World have launched on 11534 MHz vertical, SR 3710, FEC 5/6, VPIDs 33/308, APIDs 36/256. The Israeli religious TV channel, Or David, has returned to 11017 MHz vertical, SR 3333, FEC 3/4, VPID 4194, APID 4194 in clear MPEG-2. The channels airs from 19:00-23:00 daily. Sima-Yeh Azadi Iran National TV has returned to 12588 MHz vertical, SR 4503, FEC 1/2, VPID 2360, APID 2320. Italian Network News is on 11732 MHz horizontal again. The Persian Music Channel has launched on 11653 MHz vertical, SR 19273, FEC 3/4, VPID 2001, APID 2010 in free-to-air MPEG-2. The Sailing Channel has left the Telespazio package at 11732 MHz horizontal. The National Geographic Channel Romania has launched on 11124 MHz horizontal, SR 18386, FEC 3/4, VPID 2001, APID 2015 within the UPC bouquet.

      30 degreesW:
      Hispasat 1B/C/D

      D RTV Amistad has opened in clear MPEG-2 in the GlobeCast Espana multiplex on 11615 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 7711, APID 7811. Sol Musica Portugal has left the MultiCanal package at 11535 MHz vertical, SR 24500, FEC 5/6, VPID 4224, APID 4225. Wonderful has left 11931 MHz horizontal and has joined the GlobeCast Espana package at 11615 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 7712, APID 7812. Canal Canarias is new in the Digital+ bouquet at 12456 MHz LHCP, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 164, APID 96 in Nagravision encoded MPEG-2. A live report from Leon, Spain where two miners were trapped in a mine was fed over 11570 MHz horizontal, SR 4444, FEC 3/4, ID:’TV’ on 6 August at 18:30 complete with Spanish commentary. On the same day thirty people were trapped in a train inside a tunnel near to the Spanish city of Segovia. A live feed from the scene appeared on 11581 MHz horizontal, SR 4500, FEC 3/4, ID:’OSCAR CALDERON’ at 18:45. A little later 11561 MHz vertical, SR 6750, FEC 3/4, ID:’TSA M61 TVE’ was fired up from the same site with a feed for Television Espana News.

      43 degreesW:
      PAS 3R & PAS 6

      A A Madrid-bound feed from TVN Chile on the grape harvest was carried on 12730 MHz vertical, SR 6200, FEC 3/4, ID:’DVB’ on 7 August at 18:40 in clear MPEG-2.

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