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Telespazio expands to Brazil

By | December 6, 2001

      Telespazio, through its Telespazio Brazil subsidiary, is planning to offer satellite-based telecommunication services to Brazilian-based companies. Its first contract is for a group of local banks.

      The project includes the setting up of a V-Sat telecoms network, worth Re13.2 million (6 million euros) made up of an uplink which will provide data to an estimated 700 satellite dishes installed at all the bank branches, transmitting bank transactions, Intranet and Internet data. The Brazilian license, obtained after a two-year long bureaucratic procedure, is tied in with the inauguration of the new broadband platform, which in terms of functionality and offered services is similar to the Italian Evolv-e platform which provides interactive multimedia services via satellite.

      President Enrico Bondi and CEO Salvatore Pinto revealed Telespazio’s nine-months financial report last week. Revenues were up, at 323 million euros from 267 million euros in the same period in 2000 meaning a modest operating profits of 15 million euros (-2 million in 2000). Debt stood at 141 million euros compared to 121 million euros on December 31, 2000.

      The results were positively influenced by activities linked to space systems and services, with an important contribution coming from the development of the Astrolink project. In terms of media and communications business sectors, Telespazio launched Evolv-e, its DVB-IP multimedia platform capable of supplying business customers with broadband services including long distance learning, distribution of multimedia content and tele-medicine. Another recent service is its American Digital Platform at 15 degrees West, destined for the transmission of TV and radio channels not only to Europe but also to the entire North American continent.

      –Branislav Pekic

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