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By | October 10, 2001

      The French food channel Gourmet TV, whose backers include an unnamed Anglo-American company with interests in New York, has delayed its launch by four to six weeks due to the recent terrorist attacks in the US. The service, which was due to appear on Noos on September 29, Canal Satellite on October 6 and TPS a week later (with other operators to follow) in the basic tier, is headed by Joel Robuchon and Guy Job, two personalities in the TV-food business. Principally owned by the Lagardere group and France Television Enterprises, its annual budget is around E10 million and the service expects to break even in two to three years. Speaking to Cable Europe, Job admitted that its relationship with Cuisine TV, France’s other food channel, was friendly and that a merger – though not being specifically discussed – could not be excluded. Gourmet TV is also looking to the international market, and negotiations are under way with an Italian group.

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