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Sky tempts analogue laggards

By | August 29, 2001

      Julian Clover Managing Editor

      Sky Digital is doing its utmost to squeeze out the remaining analogue subscribers ahead of the closure of its three remaining analogue channels at midnight on September 27. While industry wags suggest the only reason that Sky has been unable to convert the 145,000 remaining subs is because they are resident in Spain, the satellite broadcaster has set out three offers it hopes will encourage the transition.

      Most significant of the three offers is the promise of a minidish and digibox for just GBP79 (E125) with the removal of the condition that requires the digibox to be connected to a phoneline. The offer is conditional on a 12-month subscription to Sky Digital, although the first month is free. Installation is priced at GBP1. The offer suggests that Sky is concerned that the phoneline connection, so successful in driving interactive and pay-per-view revenues, is preventing the last few subscribers from transferring their allegiances to digital.

      The GBP1 offer also makes an appearance in another of Sky’s promotions. The regular offer of a free digibox and minidish is joined by an offer of standard installation for GBP1 when a Sky subscription is taken out, GBP80 is payable with no subscription. Subscribers also receive the complete line-up of basic and premium channels ‘Sky World’ free for the first month.

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