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By | March 28, 2001

      The directors of the 15 local German media authorities have granted permission to three closed user groups company TV channels at their latest meeting in Schwerin. Telekom TV is a channel operated by Deutsche Telekom and screened on TV sets in Telekom’s customer shops called T-Point that are present in most larger German cities. Sparkassen TV can be watched in the sub-branches of federal German savings bank Sparkasse.

      The output of both channels is partially identical with German news channel n-tv but without the latter’s on-screen logo, which is replaced by the company logos of Telekom and Sparkasse. They aim to inform their viewers about news and information concerning both companies. Bahn TV, operated by national German train company Deutsche Bahn, will be shown in tourism information facilities, train stations and on trains.

      All channels have already launched on satellite, currently available as digital free-to-air services: Telekom TV and Sparkassen TV air on Hot Bird (13 degrees East), Bahn TV can be received on Télécom 2D (8 degrees West).

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