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By | March 28, 2001

      Eutelsat elected its supervisory 15-person board on March 21 for an initial three year term. Its four-person management directorate will be elected in May.

      The election was not without its surprises, with some of Eutelsat’s ‘minor signatories’ (Russia, Hungary, Portugal, Poland, Austria) winning five seats at a table that was always going to be dominated by France (3 seats), Italy (3) and the UK (3).

      As predicted in Interspace (see issue 714) Deutsche Telekom is content with one place.

      Chairman is Jean-Jacques Damlamian from France Telecom and his deputy is Mauizio Cappelli from Telespazio. The full board is listed opposite.

      Chairman: Jean-Jacques Damlamian, France Telecom.
      Deputy chairman: Mauizio Cappelli, Telespazio.
      Boris Antoniuk: RSCC, Russia.
      Enzo Badalotti: Telespazio, Italy.
      Jean-Marie Culpin: France Telecom.
      Imre Duro: HUNSAT, Hungary.
      Wieslaw Dzierzak: TP SAT, Polish Telecom.
      Olivier Froissart: France Telecom (Cogecom).
      Jan Geldmacher: Deutsche Telekom.
      Andrew Gibson: British Telecom.
      Lorenzo Morretta: Telecom Italia.
      Hannes Peintinger: Telekom Austria.
      Antonio F Santos Mendes: CPRM (Portugal).
      Jeremy Simons: British Telecom.
      Mark Smith: British Telecom.

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