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Integral’s Flat-panel, Dual-satellite Antenna Selected For Use With Orbcomm System

By | November 16, 2000

      Integral Technologies Inc. [ITKG] of Bellingham, Wash., said the second-generation, flat-panel, dual-satellite antenna developed by its Antek Wireless Inc. subsidiary has been selected by Orbital Communications Corp. (Orbcomm) for use with its satellite system.

      As part of a Global Positioning System receiver, the Antek antenna receives 1.5 GHz timing signals from the GPS satellites. As an Orbcomm antenna, it transmits position fixes and can transmit and receive other data through the Orbcomm system.

      Robert Calis, general manager of the Integral Group, said the company has had a first-generation, dual-use antenna in service for about a year. It has supplied them to a subsidiary of Arinc Inc. of Annapolis, Md., which has been using them in long distance truckling applications.

      With its radome, the second-generation antenna measures 20 inches by 14 inches by 0.5 inch and weights about five pounds, Calis said. The improvement in the second-generation product has been not so much in its size, he explained, as in its sensitivity to incoming signals.

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