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Alcatel Space Gets Contract For Three Payloads On RSCC Satellites

By | November 8, 2000

      Alcatel Space said it has signed a subcontract with the Russian Satellite Communications Co. to supply the communications payloads for three satellites that RSCC has under construction in Russia.

      The three satellites are the Express A (1R), the Express AM (11) and the Express AM (22). The companies did not release the value of the contract.

      The three new satellites will be used for television, data and telephone services to the Far East, Alcatel said. Some specifics of the new satellites are:

      Express A (1R)–five transponders at Ku-band, 12 at C-band and one at L-band; a design life of seven years and 2.5 kW of on-board power; to be delivered at the end of next year.

      Express AM (11)–10 Ku and 20 C-band transponders; 12-year design life; and 7.3 kW of onboard power; to be delivered in 17 months.

      Express AM (22)–24 Ku-band transponders; design life of 12 years; and 7.3 kW of on-board power; to be delivered in September 2002.

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