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By | October 18, 2000, a leading ISP in India, will use Loral CyberStar’s high-speed, satellite-based WorldCast Premier Internet access service to speed up Internet content delivery to its end users. The contract will provide Caltiger with 100 MB of bandwidth and Internet gateways in 10 cities across India.

      “Our relationship with CyberStar is a clear commitment to providing cost-effective Internet access to our growing customer base. With 10 strategically located gateways, we will be able to expand our network quickly beyond our current service area. We also plan to add an additional 30 gateways by March 2001,” said Joe Silva, chairman of Caltiger. was launched nationally on March 31, 2000 to provide free Internet access across India, and by June 2000, the company had a total subscriber base of more than 200,000 in six cities. Caltiger has a current subscriber acquisition rate of 1,500-2,000 per day and projects up to 4,000 per day as operation starts in additional cities. Caltiger has plans to roll out its service to about 100 cities by the end of 2000.

      Loray CyberStar is a division of Loral Space and Communications.

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